Why UX research?

Secure decision making

If you understand your customers’ opinions and needs, you will be able to make better business decisions that are fully in line with your customers’ needs. The more user research you do, the more aligned you’ll be with your customers’ thinking.

Save cost

Investing in user centered design process is the most cost effective thing you can do to lessen your risk of project failure. If you include UX Research throughout your design process, you can rest assured of validation in the design.

Increase customer retention

If a person enjoys using your product (if they have a good experience) they will recommend it to their friends, write positive reviews, etc. Focusing on UX keeps paying for itself over and over again.

UX Fokus ensures us having better information to base our design decisions on.

Testing of the work in progress before our first launch in Europe was extremely valuable for us.

UX Fokus is one of the key players in helping us creating a user friendly kitchen planning tool for global markets.

Happy customers are key for successful business

Today, great product functionality is taken for granted by highly demanding customers. Simply put, the key for successful businesses is a great customer experience.

UX research adds business value by ensuring

  • Focus on what users want to do, rather than designing a product that does everything for everyone. 
  • Cost effectiveness. Late changes can cost 60-100 times more than if fixed in the early phases of development.
  • Reduced risk of product failure since problems can be fixed at an early phase.